Alternate titles : The Murders on Valentine's Day, The Secret.

Tagline : "Cross your heart...and hope to die."

nyComing out in the wake of "Friday the 13th", this similarly themed slasher pic from the early 80s takes place in a small mining community, where the townsfolk are preparing to have their first Valentines dance, since an unfortunate mining accident rocked the town some 14 years earlier.

Unfortunately, somebody wearing a miners overalls and a gas mask seems hell bent on stopping the upcoming festivities, as he starts hacking up the locals with his trusty pickaxe and gouging out their hearts.

Rumours quickly spread that it could be Harry Warden, sole survivor of the earlier accident, who went on to murder several officials at the mine, who he believed werevresponsible for the accident that killed several workers. But considering he was supposedly committed to a mental institution, could it really be him?

Looking somewhat dated now and heavily censored upon its original release, when viewing the cut theatrical version, "My Bloody Valentine" is still a moderately entertaining film. However, when viewed in it's uncut form, it becomes a much different story as we get to see in full all the axe killings, nail-gun shootings and eye gougings in all there gory glory.

So, if your a fan of 80s slashers, you'd be advised to seek out the uncut version and giving it a go...

Overall Marks : 6/10.

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