Mind Ripper title

AKA: The Outpost

Tag Line : Fear beyond imagination, horror beyond belief!

Mind RipperMind Ripper stars genre veteran Lance Henricksen (Aliens, Terminator, Near Dark) as the Chief scientist at a top secret government research facility. Set out in the desert, Stockton (Henricksen) and his team have been working on an experimental virus that will turn ordinary men into super soldiers.

Receiving a message that their test subject is dying, he postpones a holiday with his kids to fly out and see if he can help. But as he and his family walk into the base, they find all is not what it seems.

It turns out their experiment has turned into some some sort of genetically enhanced mutant with taste for blood and has all ready carved a swath of destruction through the other scientists in the base, meaning getting back out is going to be one hell of a fight for survival.

Directed by Joe Gayton, this is one of several films that Wes Craven has leant his name to over the years, though only loosely attached to the production. Whilst the film is enjoyable enough, with Lance Henricksen giving a commendable performance as always, for the most part the film is just a basic reworking of "Alien" with  films monster leaping out of the dark at the trapped survivors. Kind of ironic as the lead actor appeared in some of the Alien sequels.

Worth a watch if only for Lance Henricksen, or if you're a Wes Craven completist.

Overall Marks : 5/10.

Terrifying Trivia.

  • Alternate tag lines "The Government created him, now they must destroy him". "Live in horror, die in fear".

  • The films budget was $8,000,000

  • This originally started life as "The Hills Have Eyes Part 3" and was to have featured Michael Berryman again, but the project changed so drastically prior to production the name was changed and Berryman's role dropped.

  • This marked the film debut of Giovanni Ribsi, who played Scott. He went on to star in James Cameron's "Avatar".

  • For the original US release the film was released as "The Outpost". This was changed for later DVD releases.

  • The film was written and produced by Wes Craven's son Jonathon.

  • Lance Henricksen was apparently less than happy with the film, and was reportedly ready to leave at any time throughout production. He has been quoted as saying "I never even saw the finished film. It was one of those films that pays your alimony".

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