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The Men Behind the Masks

Have you ever wondered what your favourite horror characters really look like underneath all the prosthetic make up and special effects?
Well now's your chance to find out, as the Realm of Horror proudly presents
"The Men Behind the Masks"
A rogues gallery of all the actors that have played your favourite characters.


Halloween title
The actors who have played Michael Myers

Nick Castle Tony Moran Dick Warlock George Wilbur
Part 1 - Nick Castle Part 1 - Tony Moran (unmasking scene) Part 2 - Dick Warlock Parts 4 & 6 - George Wilbur
Don Shanks Chris Durand Brad Loree Tyler Mane
Part 5 - Don Shanks Part 7 (H20) - Chris Durand Part 8 - Brad Loree Remake - Tyler Mane

Note - A. Michael Lerner played Myers for the final 15 minutes in the theatrical version of part 6, no picture available.


Friday the 13th title
The actors who have played Jason Voorhees.

Ari Lehman Steve Dash Warrington Gillette Richard Brooker
Part1 : Ari Lehman Part 2 : Steve Dash Part 2 :
Warrington Gillette (unmasking scene)
Part 3 : Richard Brooker
Ted White Tom Morga Dick Wieand C.J. Graham
Part 4 : Ted White Part 5 : Tom Morga Part 5 : Dick Wieand
(unmasking scene)
Part 6 : C.J. Graham
Kane Hodder Ken Kirzinger Derek Mears  
Parts 7, 8, 9, 10 :
Kane Hodder
Freddy Vs Jason :
Ken Kirzinger.
Remake: Derek Mears  


Hellraiser title
The actors who played the Cenobites
Doug Bradley Nicholas Vince Simon Bamford Grace Kirby
Pinhead :
Doug Bradley
Chatterer :
Nicholas Vince
Butterball :
Simon Bamford
Female (part 1) :
Grace Kirby
Barbie Wilde Oliver Smith Deborah Joel Kevin Bernhardt
Female (part 2) :
Barbie Wilde
Frank the Monster (pt1) :
Oliver Smith
Skinless Julia (pt 2):
Deborah Joel
Pistonhead (pt 3):
Kevin Bernhardt
Ken Carpenter Peter Atkins Brent Bolthouse Paula Marshall
Camerahead (pt 3):
Ken Carpenter
Barbie (pt 3):
Peter Atkins
CD (pt 3):
Brent Bolthouse
Terri (pt 3):
Paula Marshall
Valentina Vargas Mark and Michael Polish

More pics coming soon!
Angelique (pt 4)
Valentina Vargas
Twins (part 4):
Mark and Michael Polish
Many many thanks to David Wilson for kindly donating the pictures of Nick Vince, Simon Bamford, Grace Kirby, Barbie Wilde, Olliver Smith and Deberoh Joel for this section.


Child's Play
Brad Dourif Jennifer Tilly Billy Boyd
Chucky's voice 1-5:
Brad Douriff
Tiffany's voice 4-5:
Jennifer Tilly
Glen's voice part 5:
Billy Boyd


The Texas Chainsaw Massacre title
The actors who have played Leatherface.

Gunnar Hanson Bill Johnson R.A.Milhailoff
Part 1 : Gunnar Hansen Part 2 : Bill Johnson Part 3 : R.A.Milhailoff
Robert Jacks Andrew Bryniarski  
Part 4 : Robert Jacks Remake : Andrew Bryniarski  


Nightmare on Elm Sreet title

Robert Englund Jackie Earle Haley
Part 1 - Freddy V Jason
Robert Englund
Jackie Earle Haley


All pics on this page were taken from the various actors MySpace, Facebook and official websites,
along with screencaps from my own DVD & VHS collections. A few supplementary pics were also
taken from Fangoria magazine, IMDB and various movie/celebrity websites which were believed to be in
public domain. Additional thanks go to David Wilson and The BBQ Man for their contributions.