Alternate titles : Lost Boys 3 : The Thirst

Tagline : "The Frog Brothers are Back for Blood"

Lost Boys : The ThirstAfter the huge disappointment that Part 2 had been, I was more than a little apprehensive about watching this third film. Would this one be any better? Read on....

Set in the fictional town of San Cazador, California, Edgar Frog (Corey Feldman reprising his role once more) is hired by noted vampire novelist Gwen Leiber (Tanit Pheonix) to help locate her brother, who she believes was abducted by Vampires.

Strapped for cash and facing eviction from his trailer, he reluctantly agrees to help her. Enlisting the help of his friend Zoe (Casey Dolan) an occult expert who runs the local comic book shop, they discover that Gwen's brother has been abducted by a hip vampire master who calls himself DJ X (Seb Casting), who has been using his illegal rave parties to breed a new army of vampires, using a designer drug called The Thirst (actually vampire blood).

With DJ X's next rave party being held in San Cazador, it gives them the perfect chance to nail him and put away his vampire army whilst they rescue Gwen's brother. But is DJ X really the main vampire and what does he need Gwen's brother for?

Borrowing a few ideas from the "Blade" series, the film has a more light hearted feel to it than the previous one, which is more in keeping with the original. There's a few jokey references to some 80s action films which I found amusing and the film also takes a few swipes at the Twilight saga, which is never a bad thing, whilst Casey Dolan and Tanit Pheonix as the female leads are certainly very easy on the eye .

Best of all, the humour did actually work this time round and we get to see Jamison Newlander returning as Alan Frog, as we get to find out what happened to him after the original.

So overall, I would definitely give this one the thumbs up. It's a vast improvement over it's predecessor and is really how the second film should have turned out. Fans of the original who were disappointed by the last film should enjoy this one.

Overall Marks : 6/10.

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