Alternate titles : Murder Alligator 2, The Killer Alligator 2, The Murder Beast 2

Tagline : "He Returns..."

Killer Crocodile 2Well, it seems the film makers wanted to get as much mileage as possible out of their giant rubber croc, as just one year after the exceptionally cheesy "Killer Crocodile" came out, this even cheesier sequel was unleashed onto an unsuspecting public... WHAT THE BLOODY HELL FOR????

Directed this time by special effects man Giannetto DeRossi the story picks up more or less from where the previous film left off, and starts in a similar vein to its predecessor. As another couple get munched on at a lake, before we are treated to some scenes of the employees from the chemical company from the previous film getting their come-uppance, when the killer croc attacks and starts snacking on them.

Anthony Crenna and Thomas Moore reprise their roles from the previous film, returning to hunt down the new killer croc. Only this time they’re joined by a nosy news journalist played by Debra Karr.

Looking even more rubbery and fake than before, there are some absolute howlers in the film, as the croc upturns a boat full of school kids and nuns, then proceeds to chomp on them. Three guys in a cabin refuse to believe their friends story about a giant croc in the swamp, then right on cue it bursts in through the wall and devours them, along with numerous scenes of locals ending up as Croc food.

Dumber, cheesier and stupider, this really is one of those films that is enjoyable for all the wrong reasons. So if you liked the last film, then you should also enjoy this!

Overall Marks : 4/10.

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