Alternate titles : Maniac Snowman

Tagline : "He's Chillin, and Killin!"

Jack FrostNot to be confused with the Michael Keaton family film of the same name, this campy horror comedy revolves around a serial killer, Jack Frost (Scott MacDonald), who's being transported to his place of execution, when his prison bus collides with a tanker full of chemicals from a genetic research lab during a snow storm.

Attempting to flee from the bus, he gets hit with a wash of chemicals from the tanker, which melts him into the snow. However, it seems that Jack hasn't just dissolved. As soonafter, the nearby town of Snowmonton find they have a killer snowman on the loose. But with the town being the snowman capital of the world, it looks like the local Sheriffs office is going to have its work cut out, trying to find out which one is Jack. But how do you kill a snowman?

Featuring a whole slew of ridiculous death scenes, including sledders being decapitated with their own sledges, people being strung up with Christmas lights and shot with icicles, the film is exactly what you'd expect from a low budget horror comedy of this nature.

The most hilarious scene though surely has to be the where a Jack pops up in the bath, whilst a pre-American Pie Shannon Elizabeth tries to take a shower and appears to get crushed to death, until you realise the carrot from his nose is "missing" (lets just say Christmas "came" early)!

Extremely daft and campy, which makes no attempt to disguise its low-budget B-movie trappings, the film is a laugh riot and most definitely falls into the "so bad its good" category and would like to recommend this to all horror B-movie lovers.

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