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Tagline : "Some secrets will haunt you forever."

I Still Know What You Did Last SummerSet one year on from the events of the previous film and survivor Julie James (Jennifer Love Hewitt reprising her earlier role) is still suffering from severe trauma after her horrific ordeal.

So when she and her friend Karla (Brandy Norwood) win a trip to the Bahamas in a radio phone in, she can't wait to pack her bags and get away. Unfortunately Julie's boyfriend Ray (Freddie Prinze Jr again) is unable to tear himself away from his work and so Karla invites their friend Will along for the trip.

Of course, no sooner do they get to the island resort then some guy with a hook appears and people start to disappear in the most gruesome of fashions.

Whilst all this is going on, we find that the real reason Ray couldn't make it was because of a very close call with our hook wielding killer, and is now on route to the island in order to try and save the day. Of course, dead bodies start popping up all over the place, including the young dope dealing maintenance man, and the hotel manager Mr Brooks (played by horror veteran Jeffrey Coombes).

Could it be our jolly fisherman again? Or has the creepy hotel porter, who enjoys practising voodoo in his spare time, got some involvement? and will Ray arrive to save the day? Again, you'll just have to watch it and find out.

This film is quite good, but not quite as good as the first. Fans of Miss Hewitt will undoubtedly enjoy the scene's of her wandering around in her bikini (as indeed, I did), but the film does beg the questions to be asked, "Just how many shots can you fire from a Colt revolver?" (eight?), "How many damn lives has that sodding fisherman got?", and "Just what is the Capital of Brazil?" (if you watch it you'll know what I mean).

Overall Marks : 6/10.

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