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Tagline : " In the future, not everyone is who they appear to be."

ImpostorFirst time I saw this, I thought I was watching a "Starship Troopers" sequel. The reason being that the soldiers in this appeared to be wearing the same uniforms. But as I was soon to discover, this was in fact a completely different sci-fi film.

Based on a short story by Philip K Dick, Impostor takes place in 2079, in a world resembling a sort-of military dictatorship. In this, scientist Spencer Oldham (Gary Sinse) thinks he is in for another ordinary day at work, when he is arrested by the military and accused of being a "replicant", an android assassin used by an alien race, with whom Earth is at war.

Unsure why he has been accused, and not-too-keen on the prospect of being dissected so the military can see whether or not he is human, he breaks custody and sets out to try and prove his innocence. However he finds himself being pursued at every turn by military units, lead by a Major Hathway (Vincent D'Onofrio). A ruthless military intelligence officer, who specialises in hunting down replicants.

Aided by a loner named Cale (Mekhi Phifer), Spencer tries to make it to the hospital where his wife works, hoping they can run some tests that will prove his humanity. But why is Hathway so sure that Spencer is a replicant, and if he really is human then who is the replicant they're looking for?

Sharing similar plot lines to "Blade Runner", which was based on a story by the same author, this is a relatively entertaining sci-fi film. It's only downfall being that as it was originally intended as a TV movie, some of the films budgetary constraints are readily apparent, IE visuals pinched from other films and military uniforms 'borrowed' from "Starship Troopers". But otherwise this remains very entertaining, and though not in the same calibre, would make an excellent companion piece to "Blade Runner".

Overall Marks : 5/10.

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