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Tagline : "You've never been scared, until you've been scared in 3D."

House of Wax (1953)Loosely following the plot of the old 1933 film “Mystery of the Wax Museum”, this 1953 remake stars horror icon Vincent Price as a talented Wax sculptor, Henry Jarrod , who has just opened up a new wax museum.

Badly injured, after being caught in a fire when his previous waxworks burned down, he now relies on his assistants to help him create the realistic wax sculptures in his collection. But there's a dark secret behind the reason they're so realistic (and I'm sure you can guess what?).

Whilst looking round the museum, young Sue Allen (Phyliss Kirk) notices the Ann Boleyn sculpture looks identical to her friend Cathy, who was killed by a mysterious masked man and whose body later dissapeared from the morgue.

Not only this, but another figure in the chamber of horrors section bears an uncanny resemblance to her friend's former fiance, who apparently committed suicide.

Seems Mr Jarrod has come up with an ingenious new way of creating his lifelike wax sculptures and unfortunately for Sue, seems he's in need of a Joan of Arc and thinks her likeness would be perfect for it...

Originally filmed in 3D, which it's definitely worth viewing in if you're able to play 3D movies, although if you're watching the more common standard 2D version, some of the gimmicky scenes of people shoving objects into the camera may seem a little odd.

As with the original, this is one that should appeal to fans of vintage horror films. Especially if you like watching Vincent Price at his menacing best. Also worth watching to see a then unknown Charles Bronson in an early role.

Overall Marks : 5/10.

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