Alternate titles : After the Hole

Tagline : "Desperate to get in, Dying to get out."

The HoleFour public school kids are looking for a way to dodge out of a school trip, when a classmate of theirs, Martin (Danial Brocklebank), comes up with an interesting suggestion. Heading out into the woods he shows them the entrance to an old underground army bunker, where he says they can hide out until the school trip comes back.

So with that, the four teenage friends Liz (Thora Birch), Mike (Desmond Harrington), Geoff (Lawrence Fox) and Frankie (Kiera Knightley) pack their bags with the intention of staying there for the three day duration. As the door to the bunker can apparently only be opened from the outside, Martin meets them at the entrance and says he'll be back to let them out before their parents discover they weren't on the trip.

Now, we all know that when someone's placed in a precarious position like this in a horror film, something bad is BOUND to happen. Low and behold, the three days pass but there's no sign of Martin to let them out again. As the water begins to run out and they start to become ill and collapse through dehydration, it becomes increasingly unlikely anyone will find them. Why has Martin done this to them? But, as the events unfold in series of flashbacks, is he really as guilty as we all think?

Based on the book "After the Hole" by Guy Burt, this is an interesting low budget British horror film which is both intriguing and suspenseful and one that genre fans should definitely check out if they have not done so already (although admittedly I waited till it came on Sky Movies).  Good stuff!!

Overall Marks : 5/10.

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