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Tagline : "He's not Jason, He's not Freddy...He's Real."

Henry - Portrait of a Serial KillerLoosely based on the confessions of real life serial killer Henry Lee Lucas, this gritty, shocking and disturbing tale follows the exploits of psychotic killer Henry (Michael Rooker), who's just been released from jail after murdering his mother.

He travels to Chicago, where he moves into a flat with his former cellmate Otis (Tom Towles). However it isn't too long before Henry's up to his old tricks when his buddy Otis discovers the joys of murder. The 2 of them then go on a killing spree, as Henry shows Otis the Joys of random killing as they go around the city, shooting, stabbing and strangling people to death in the most gruesome and sadistic of fashions.

Some of the more difficult scenes to sit through include the death of a snotty proprietor of an electrical warehouse who gets stabbed with a soldering iron, then wired to the mains and a particularly nasty scene where they film themselves tieing up a family and kicking them to death.

But their friendship becomes strained when Otis's sister Becky (Tracy Arnold) also moves in, who begins to fall in love with Henry. Causing a bit of a rift as her brother Otis, being the sick little pervert he is, had his own eye on her.

Directed by John McNaughton, the shocking murders and the grim picture it paints of American society have ensured this films longevity as a modern day horror classic, which is definitely not for the easily offended. Serious horror fans should check this out, only if for seeing a young Michael Rooker in a Pre-Marvel role.

Overall Marks : 7/10.

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