Dark Angel's Realm of Horror

The Hall of Fame.

In this section we intend to honour those whose contributions to the horror genre have
been nothing short of outstanding. To nominate your choice of horror director or celebrity click "

John Carpenter Tom Savini Wes Craven Kane Hodder
John Carpenter
Director of "Halloween", "The Fog", "The Thing", "Escape from New York" and "Assault on Precinct 13".
Tom Savini
Special effects artist for "Friday the 13th", "Dawn of the Dead", "Maniac" and too many others to list. Director of "Night of the Living Dead 1993", and star of "From Dusk till Dawn".
Wes Craven
Director of "Last House on the Left", "The Hills have Eyes", "A Nightmare on Elm Street" and the "Scream" trilogy.
Kane Hodder
Jason from "Friday the 13th parts 7,8,9,10". Stuntman on "Hills Have Eyes 2", "Deepstar 6", "Idle Hands", "Seven", and numerous other horror films.
Sean Cunningham Brad Douriff Dario Argento Hershell Gordon Lewis
Sean Cunningham
Producer of "Last House on the Left", director of the original "Friday the 13th".
Brad Douriff
Horror movie actor, star of the Child's Play films (playing Chucky's voice), "Grim Prairie Tales", "Exorcist 3", "Graveyard Shift", and too many others to list.
Dario Argento.
Director of "Opera", "Suspiria", "Inferno", "Tenebrae", "Deep Red", producer of "Demons" and "The Church".
Herschel Gordon Lewis.
Director of the worlds first splatter movies. Credits include "2000 Maniacs", "Blood Feast" and "Wizard of Gore".
Mario Bava. George Romero. Lucio Fulci. Vincent Price
Mario Bava.
Influential Italian director, credits include "Bay of Blood", "Blood and Black Lace", "Black Sunday" and "Planet of Vampires".
George Romero.
Director of the "Night of the Living Dead" trilogy, "Martin the Vampire", "KnightRiders" and "Two Evil Eyes".
Lucio Fulci.
Director of "Zombie Flesh-Eaters", "The Beyond", "City of the Living Dead", "House by the Cemetery". and many others
Vincent Price.
Classic horror actor, star of "House of Wax", "House of the Usher", "Pit and the Pendulum" and "The Abominable Dr Phibes".
Steven King Robert Englund Roger Corman Barbara Steele
Steven King.
Prolific horror novelist, credits include "Christine", "Carrie", "Dead Zone", "The Shining", "Salem's Lot" and far too many others to list.
Robert Englund.
Horror movie veteran, starred as Freddy Kruger in the "Nightmare on elm Street" films, as well as appearing in "Galaxy of Terror", "Dead & Buried" and the Sci-Fi series "V"
Roger Corman
Cult horror movie producer and director, Selected highlights including "Galaxy of Terror", "Chud" and "Humanoids from the Deep". Also a distributor of rare art house films (surprisingly).
Barbara Steele.
Horror siren from the 60's 70's, and still going today. Notable films include "Black Sunday", "Pit and the Pendulum", "Shivers" and  "Piranha".
David Cronenberg Jeffrey Combs Bruce Campbell Michael Berryman
David Cronenberg
Director of Shivers, Rabid, The Brood, Scanners and far too many other to list.
Jeffrey Combs.
Horror movie actor, star of "Re-Animator",  "From Beyond", "Necronomicon" and many others.
Bruce Campbell
Star of the "Evil Dead" trilogy, "Maniac Cop", "Waxwork 2" and others.
Michael Berryman.
Star of "The Hills Have Eyes", "Cut and Run", "Deadly Blessing" and "Devil Rejects".