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From Dusk till Dawn 2 : Texas Blood MoneyA direct to video sequel set several years prior to the first film, about a group of bank robbers, who's plans of the perfect heist in Mexico get seriously disrupted when one of them stumbles across the Titty Twister bar.

Buck (Robert Patrick) is leader of a band of former convicts, one of them Luther (Duane Whitaker) has just broken out of jail with plans for pulling off one final robbery that will set them all up for life. Unfortunately, Luther encounters car problems on the way to the rendezvous with Buck and his gang, and so stops off at a nearby bar which is conveniently located out in the desert, named the Titty Twister...

He eventually meets up with his fellow bank robbers and they immediately set off to do the robbery. But unfortunately, they don't realise that Luther is no longer himself. Having broken into the bank, problems first arrive when the Sheriff (Bo Hopkins) who's leading the manhunt for the escaped Luther turns up outside with the Mexican police. But strangely, Luther and the other robbers don't seem too concerned. In fact Buck seems to be the only one worried about their situation.

It's only after noticing the bite marks on their necks that the truth of what's happened to Luther, and what he's done to the rest of the gang, suddenly dawns on him and he realises it's not the cops outside he has to worry about.

Whilst it was pretty much a foregone conclusion that From Dusk till Dawn 2 wasn't going to be as good as the original, it's still a worthwhile follow-up and is definitely worth viewing. The end shootout between the vampire gang and the police is certainly one of the more memorable action scenes I've seen in a horror movie to date.

Overall Marks : 5/10.

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