Alternate titles : Resonator

Tagline : "Humans are such easy prey."

From BeyondAnother H.P. Lovecraft adaptation by the same team who gave us Re-Animator. In this, a mad scientist named Pretorious (Ted Sorel) has invented a machine full of giant tuning forks, which can open a doorway to another dimension. Unfortunately, this turns out to be populated by these rather unfriendly giant maggot creatures, which come out and attack Dr Pretorious.

The machine is destroyed by his assistant Crawford (Jeffrey Combs), but of course the police don't believe his story and think he's responsible for the doctor's death. Resigned to a mental institution, his Psychologist Dr Katherine McMichaels (Barabra Crapmpton) seems to think he's telling the truth, and so together with the detective in charge, Leroy Brown (Ken Foree), they go back to the late scientists house to try the machine out and see if he's telling the truth (you can sort of guess what's coming).

Anyway, it turns out that the machine also affects your mind, which leads to some very strange scenes indeed. Combs's character grows a third eye, which keeps popping out of his forehead on a stalk. Barbara Crampton ends up getting her kit off (again) and parading round in some rather fetching bondage gear. Dr Pretorious turns out not to be dead at all (I wont say how) and there's an extremely dodgy scene were Ken Foree, dressed only in his underwear, is wrestling with this giant worm in the flooded basement after the machine is left running too long and the strange creatures start invading the household.

Overall this isn't a bad film, the humour is a touch darker and there's some nice gore scenes, however it isn't a patch on Re-Animator, although to be fair they are 2 totally different types of film. In my opinion, worth watching even if just to see Barabara Crampton parading round in her scanties (again).

Overall Marks : 4/10.

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