Alternate titles : The Exorcist 2

Tagline : "It's four years later, what does she remember?"

Exorcist 2 : The HereticEager to cash in on the success of "The Exorcist", Warner Bros hired acclaimed Oscar winner John Boorman to direct a sequel starring Richard Burton and original cast members Linda Blair, Kitty Winn, and Max Von Sydow. They obviously thought they were onto a winner but, thanks to Boorman and his eccentric quirks, ended up with one of the WORST horror sequels in cinematic history.

Set some 4 years after the original, we discover young Regan (Linda Blair) was possessed by a demon named Pazuzu, and not the devil as we had previously been told. Presently living with her mother's friend Sharon (Kitty Winn) in California, she's still suffering from trauma and having to undergo extreme counselling.

Father Lamont (Richard Burton) is a Catholic priest investigating the events surrounding Father Merrin's death (only Father Merrin and not Father Karras?), who visits young Regan at the psychiatric centre she's attending. The film then rapidly goes downhill, as we are treated to a bizarre scene of Regan dragging her psychiatrist into her nigthmare visions with a hypnosis machine. Lamont somehow determining the building is on fire after looking at one of her paintings and there's something about locust plagues in Africa???

Discovering Regan is still possessed, the plot continues sliding into further nonsensical absurdity, in a bizzare climax as Lamont becomes possessed himself and heads to Regan's old house in Washington (why?). So Regan trys to exorcise him with the help of a hypnosis machine and the ghost of Father Merrin or something, before fending off a plague of locusts by swinging a piece of cord around her head (yes it IS as bad as it sounds).

A confusing mess of a movie, which was apparently supposed to be about the conflict of ancient beliefs with modern science and technology. But is little more than a disjointed mish-mash of different ideas that didn't amount to anything fathomable when put togethor on screen. I think John Boorman must have been smoking something peculiar when he came up with this, so if you loved the original you're best avoiding it, unless you are morbidly curious or a die hard completist and want to collect the whole series.

Overall Marks : 3/10.

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