Alternate titles : In the Light of the Moon

Tagline : "It really happened!"

Ed GeinSerial killer Ed Gein has inspired many a horror film over the years, from "Psycho" to "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" and even "Silence of the Lambs". So it seems only fitting that his life story should be the subject of bio-drama, although why it wasn't until the year 2000 that someone decided to do it is something of a mystery.

Set in Wisconsin during the late 40's, B-movie actor Steve Railsback takes on the films titular role as the deranged country farmer. Who initially seems like an outwardly shy, reclusive, simpleton. But as the film progresses, we discover old Ed has a much darker side...

Starting with the murder of his brother, which he covers up to make look like an accident. He then, following the death of his mother, goes on to murder several women in the town he believes were "sinful" and begins plundering the local graveyards in order to build himself a female flesh suit. But it isn't too long before the authorities begin to realise Ed might not be the harmless eccentric they thought he was...

An interesting film in which Ed, in many ways, geuinely comes across as a pitiable character who's psyche was warped by his overbearing mother which lead, upon her death, to his fascination with death, resurrection and necrophilia, which in turn lead to his obsession with grave robbery, cannibalism and eventually murder.

Though not particularly gory, this is an interesting look at one of America's earliest serial killers and stays fairly true to the original case (much more so than the 2007 film with Kane Hodder), though the cannibalistic aspect of his crimes is somewhat downplayed here.

Definitely worth a watch though, fans of true crime dramatisations should love it.

Overall Marks : 6/10.

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