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Tagline : "They want to play with you!"

DollsA bickering couple and their young step-daughter break down on a deserted back road during a torrential rain storm late one night. Seeing a mansion house down the road, they call in looking for help. But needless to say, they don't end up doing the Timewarp with Dr Frankenfurter.

They are greeted by an elderly couple named Gabriel and Hillary Hartwicke (Guy Rolfe and Hillary Mason) and soon after, they are joined by some other stranded motorists, a fat tourist named Ralph and a couple of obnoxious girls he picked up hitch hiking.

Welcoming them all inside, the group are somewhat disturbed by the elderly couples large collection of creepy dolls, which seem to fill every room. But it isn't too long before they realise something's amiss.

When the young step-daughter gets up in the night and sees one of the girls being dragged away by some of the old man's dolls, they realise these are no ordinary toys and leaving the house alive is going to be no easy matter. As the unwitting guests soon find themselves being over run and mauled by the malevolent miniature monsters.

Now I must admit that when I first came to view this, I wasn't too sure that a film about killer dolls would be particularly interesting. But decided to give it a go after seeing the "Puppet Master" films, which producer Charles Band also worked on. However, I must say I was pleasantly surprised. The film has a good mix of humour and horror, which definitely works in its favour, and overall proved fairly entertaining.

OK, there's a bit of dodgy stop-motion animation, being as this was filmed in the 1980s, but then if they used modern CGI I guess we'd be complaining about that too. Horror stalwarts Stuart Gordon and Brian Yuzna also handled direction and production on this, so "Re-Animator" fans will probably want to check this one out as well.

Overall Marks : 5.5/10.

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