Alternate titles : No Man's Land, Death Front.

Tagline : "Deliver them from evil."

Death WatchSet during 1917 at the height of World War 1, a small group of British soldiers find themselves stuck out in no-mans-land, having been separated from their main battalion. Looking for cover, they come across a German trench which is manned by only a handful of soldiers.

Having dealt with the small group of guards, they dig in and await rescue. But as they attempt to secure the trench they begin to suspect things aren't all they seem. The radio doesn't work, the compass spins wildly, and what is particularly odd is that there's no front line to the trench, it just appears to be a maze.

As night falls, they soon realise that they are not alone, and its NOT more German troops. The sounds of an advancing enemy battalion can be clearly heard, only nothing happens. Strange ghostly noises echo within the trench, despite the fact there's no one else there, and to make matters worse, members of the group start disappearing in VERY mysterious circumstances.

What is going on in the trench, why does the German prisoner they've captured keep going on about "something evil" and why are the men starting to get at each others throats? Is the company just suffering from shell shock, or is there something more sinister at work in the trench?

Directed by newcomer Michael Basset and starring Jamie Bell, this low budget British chiller proves to be an interesting ghost story about the horrors of war. Whilst it may not win any Oscars, it certainly packs an eerie punch, and is much better than some of the glossy big budget crap being put out by Hollywood at the moment.

Overall Marks : 6/10.

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