Alternate titles : Død Snø

Tagline : "Ein! Zwei! Die!"

Dead SnowWell it's been a good few years since anyone did a film about Nazi zombies, so I suppose it was about time somebody re-opened the sub-genre. Set in Norway, a group of teenagers head up to a remote log cabin in the mountains for a week of ski-ing, snowboarding and general drunken debauchery.

It turns out though that the area was used by the Germans during WW2, who used to have a base near there and were brutally murdered by the nearby villagers during an uprising near the end of the war.

Ignoring warnings from a mysterious local to leave the area, when one of them discovers a stash of stolen Nazi gold hidden under the cabin, it triggers off another "uprising" of sorts as the bodies of the long dead Nazi soldiers rise up to reclaim their treasure.

A hilarious bloodbath then ensues, as the undead German soldiers proceed to start tearing the teenagers limb from limb whilst the group try to fight back using axes, chainsaws, shotguns and even motor-sleds in a series of slapstick battles.

The film makers clearly took a few ideas from some of Peter Jackson's and Sam Raimi's earlier movies, like Bad Taste, Braindead and the Evil Dead films, judging by the humour and slapstick gore. However, whilst the film does have its moments, it isn't quite the hilarious laugh a minute bloodbath I'd hoped it would be.

That's not to say the film isn't worth a watch though, if you are a fan of zombie movies you'll undoubtedly get a kick out of this. However, as the film is in Norwegian with English subtitles this can be a little distracting and so you'll really need to pay attention to this to understand what's happening.

Overall Marks : 5/10.

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