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Tagline : "A Maximum security prison, Thousands of infected inmates, One way out!"

Dead Men WalkingA low-budget zombie film, which actually proves much better than some of the larger scale productions of this ilk. A vicious shotgun killer, Travis Dee (Brandon Stacey) is remanded to a maximum security prison whilst he awaits trial after massacring a group of people in their home.

Apparently ill with flu-like symptoms, he tells the prison doctor he is infected with some bio-toxin which he got off the people he killed, and that the only reason he shot them was because they were already dead, having been brought back to life by the toxin.

Of course, the doctor thinks this is all nonsense, but to be on the safe side moves him into solitary confinement. This however does not stop him from contaminating several other prisoners and guards when he begins vomiting. When a young government agent named Samantha Becket (Bay Burner) arrives to interview Travis, she discovers his story about the Toxin killing, then re-animating the infected is in fact true, as they see him transform into a blood thirsty zombie and attack the guards.

With the other infected prisoners beginning to riot and spreading the disease, Samantha tells the Warden to quarantine the prison. Effectively sealed off from the outside world, she and the surviving guards attempt to restore order and fend off the infected convicts and prison staff who are rampaging within.

Directed by newcomer Peter Mervis, this is not Hollywood sort-of material by any stretch of the imagination, but is an effective little B-movie that zombie fans should love.

Overall Marks : 5/10.

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