Alternate titles : Inferno in Diretta, Amazon:Savage Adventure, Straight to Hell, Amazonia

Tagline : "They discovered the truth and now they must tell the world."

Cut and RunSeveral years after directing Cannibal Holocaust, Ruggero Deadato returned to the jungles of South America to bring us this commercial action/adventure picture about a film crew who venture into the Amazon, only to get caught up in a bitter war between rival drug cartels.

After stumbling across a massacre in a downtown Florida crack house, news reporter Fran Hudson (Lisa Blount) and her cameraman Mark Ludman (Leonard Mann) are surprised to find a photograph lying around, showing their bosses son, Tommy (Willie Aames) working at a South American jungle camp.

Tommy went missing in the Amazon several months previously, and so they decide to go and see if they can locate him and bring him back home. However, they also discover that one of the other people in the photograph is a certain Colonel Brian Horne, a former Green Beret who was believed to have died several years previously, and so they also decide to see if they can find him the hopes of running a story on him.

Unfortunately, after heading in Amazonia, they discover that the camp is actually run by a couple of rather unfriendly drug cartels, played by John Steiner and Gabrielle Tinti. To make matters worse they arrive right in the middle of a battle between them and a rival drug lord, who turns out to be Colonel Horne himself.

They survive the camp massacre and manage to locate Tommy, along with another survivor named Ana (Valentina Forte). But getting out of the jungle alive proves to be no easy task as they are soon captured by Horne's men, who are being led by a mute assassin named Quecho (played by horror B-movie veteran Michael Berryman) and taken back to his "Apocalypse Now" style encampment.

The film is in several ways reminiscent of Umberto Lenzi's "Eaten Alive" (Emerald Jungle), and is often labelled as a cannibal movie, which it isn't, although it does feature quite a few barbaric natives. The film is totally different in style from Cannibal Holocaust, and has all the makings of a good jungle action film. There's numerous machine gun fights, evil drug smugglers, savage native folk, vile jungle traps etc etc. If you like action adventure pics, you should check this one out. There's also an extra gory version of this film available (though not in the UK) which I would heartily recommend you seek out.

Overall Marks : 6/10.

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