Alternate titles : Crocodile 2 : Death Swamp

Tagline : "None!"

Crocodile 2 : Death RollNew film, new director (Gary Jones), new story (well not that new perhaps) and a new giant croc (well sort-of). This time round, a group of bank robbers hijack an aircraft bound for Mexico. But unfortunately, the plane is struck by lightning and crashes into swamplands just outside of Acapulco.

Having survived the wreck, the hijackers force the small group of survivors to help them lug their loot across the Mexican swamp to their rendezvous point. However, their journey takes a further turn for the worse when they find themselves being stalked by a VERY large crocodile

Help is at hand though, as a young lad hires a local chopper pilot (played by Martin Kove) to help him go look for survivors as he believes his stewardess girlfriend may be among them. This proves to be not such a good idea though as they end up being taken hostage too, then running for their lives as the giant croc shows up again and starts chomping on them.

Worse acting than before, laughable special effects, even WORSE CGI effects, but at least it doesn't pretend to be anything it's not, and in that respect is absolutely hilarious. The film is a lot gorier than it's predecessor, and has about 10 times the amount of profanity (every other word from the robbers seems to be "mother fucker") contains virtually every horror cliche known to man, as well as featuring a drunken Martin Kove to boot! What more could you ask for?

Another one of those films that's enjoyable for all the wrong reasons. Disengage your brain, open up a few cans of beer and enjoy!

Overall Marks : 5/10.

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