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Tagline : "Welcome to the Witching Hour"

The CraftDamn-it, don't you just LOVE foxy Goth witches? In this Robin Tunney plays new girl Sarah Bailey, who's having difficulty fitting in at her new high school. Shunned by the popular kids, she's soon befriended by a small group of misfits, lead by Nancy (Fairuza Baulk) and her friends Rochelle (Rachael True) and Bonnie (as played a pre-Scream Neve Campbell).

But as she is soon to discover, there's more to this group of Goths than just dark eye shadow and black fingernails. Seems these 3 are heavily into the dark arts, ie witchcraft and the occult, and it isn't too long before they're getting her involved with their bizarre rituals, involving spells and incantations.

As they get deeper and deeper involved with their practices, they begin to notice their spells starting to work. At first they're thrilled, and begin using their new powers to get back at the other kids for giving them a hard time. But when one of their classmates is accidentally killed, Sarah realises they have finally gone to far. But can she convince the others to stop using thei powers?

This is a highly enjoyable supernatural teen horror pic, which is made all the more enjoyable by the foxy Fairuza Baulk and the ever lovely Neve Campbell as Gothic looking schoolgirl witches. Hell, what more could you want from a decent film?.

Overall Marks : 7/10.

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