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Tagline : "Invisible. Silent. Deadly."

Cabin FeverA group of youths rent a remote country cabin deep in the woods for a weekend of hunting, shooting, and partying. But things start to go awry when a local hobo stumbles in asking for help, who seems to be suffering from a flesh eating virus.

With their vehicle broken down and stranded miles from the nearest town, going for help isn't an option until they can get it fixed. Unfortunately, when members of the group start to show symptoms of the same virus, tempers become frayed and they start to turn on one another as they argue over the best way to handle the situation.

But even when one of them manages to reach civilisation, it seems the local townsfolk are more interested in confining and covering up what's happened as opposed to offering them assistance and so the surviving members are forced to try and find help outside the area, whilst fending off the murderous local redneck population.

This debut feature by Eli Roth , who went on to direct the "Hostel" films, proves to be quite good fun. Roth is clearly a fan of cult horror films as there's some obvious nods to old horror and exploitation titles in here.

Whilst this film may not be as grisly as his later "Hostel" movies, it still proves highly entertaining and would most definatelty recommend it.

Overall Marks : 6/10.

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