Alternate titles : Jigsaw: Dead or Alive

Tagline : "No One Can Save You!"

BrokenSingle Mother, Hope (Nadja Brand), returns from a night out and settles down to sleep, having drunk a little too much. However, she is somewhat distraught when she awakes the next morning to find herself chained to a log in the middle of a forest.

Unsure of where she is, how she even got there, or what's happened to her daughter, she is eventually introduced to her captor (played by Eric Colvin), who never does tell her his name, who's basically abducted her as he says he needs someone to help him look after his camp (I assume living in the middle of nowhere precluded the use of internet dating websites?).

Anyway, if being abducted in the middle of the night and held captive as this weirdo's al-fresco housemaid wasn't enough, the rub is that first she has to prove herself worthy of being with him, and so finds herself being strung up to a tree and subjected to all manner of torturous unpleasantries, that seem to have been borrowed from the "Saw" movies, that she has to free herself from.

Held captive with no apparent means of escape, but determined to get free so that she can get back to her daughter, she plots a cunning escape plan, but that is if her captor isn't already one step ahead of her.

Not to be mistaken for the plethora of similarly titled films that came out around the same time, this 2006 horror from Indie director Adam Mason owes more than a passing nod to the "Saw" and "Hostel" films, with elements of some of those back-woods slasher movies thrown in, but sadly proves to be a damnsite less interesting than the movies it seeks to imitate. Co-directed by Simon Boyes, who's worked with Mason on several other films, there just didn't seem to be any point to any of this and the entire scenario seemed completely unfeasible.

I'm assuming this was meant to be set in the UK (even though Nadja Band's accent sounded a bit New Zealandish in places), however the long distance shots showing the expanse of the forest didn't look much like this country to me. Plus, if this guy really did live in such a remote location, how did he get to the city to kidnap his victims without being detected, and more to the point, how did he manage to do it? Then having gone to all that trouble and dragged them out to such a remote place, why then subject them to such unpleasantries which might have resulted in death, if he only wanted someone to cook and clean for him?

To summarise, this was just a fairly dull film with a lot pointless gore thrown in to make up for a lack of plot and I actually ended up fast forwarding through most of this. Unless you like slow, pointless movies, then I'd say give it a miss..

Overall Marks : 3.5/10.

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