Alternate titles : Dead Alive

Tagline : "Lionel has something hideous locked in his cellar... It's his family!"

BraindeadFeaturing an army of zombies, a mutant baby and a kick boxing vicar. It's just what you'd expect from director Peter Jackson, who took the world by storm with his earlier movie "Bad Taste".

This story centre's around a young lad called Lionel. His mother is bitten by a rare Rat-Monkey creature at their local zoo, which has hideous consequences as it turns her into a zombie. Of course, as with most zombie films, she spreads the infection to others, and only thing Lionel can do, being unable to kill them, is to knock them out with horse tranquiliser and lock them in the basement.

As with "Bad Taste" the amount of gore in this film is quite phenomenal. In one scene he tries to spoon feed one of the zombies some tranquiliser by flipping back its partially severed head, and pouring the stuff down its open neck (Yuk!). There's also an absolutely hilarious scene where the local vicar, upon discovering several zombies rampaging through his graveyard, exclaims "This is the devils work, time for some divine intervention!.... I kick arse for the Lord" and proceeds to start kickboxing the zombies into submission.

Another equally funny scene is with a zombie baby, born to 2 of the undead who've got better acquainted. He attempts to take it out to the local park, with disastrous results. The gore, however, reaches an all time high at the films zenith, as the zombies go on the rampage and Lionel fights them off using a lawnmower, dispensing the undead by mowing them to a pulp.

Of course, the gore is presented in such light, that it just makes you howl with laughter, rather than want to vomit. The film has gore galore, laughs a plenty and tons of zombies. If you liked "Bad Taste", you'll love this.

Overall Marks : 7/10.

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