Alternate titles : Headstone Manor

Tagline : "The movie that took a lot of guts to make!"

Bloodbath at the House of DeathConsidered something of a "lost classic", as (up until 2008 anyway) it hadn't been seen on home video since the early 1980's, this oddly humoured horror/comedy stars TV comedian Kenny Everett as the leader of a group of paranormal investigators, who have gone to investigate rumours of ghostly goings on at the remote country mansion of Headstone Manor.

Referred to by the locals as the "House of Death", the manor was the setting of a brutal massacre some years previous (as we see during the films intro) whereby 18 guests at the house were brutally slaughtered under mysterious circumstances, and has remained empty ever since. But as the scientists (which includes 80's TV actor Gareth Hunt and comedienne Pamela Stephenson) settle in for the evening and set up their equipment, it soon becomes obvious that there's more than just paranormal activity at work in the house.

This turns out to be a group of Satan worshippers, lead by the aptly named Sinister Man (played by horror legend Vincent price) who want them out, as the house is built over a sacred shrine to their master "Diabolis Supremis" (that's the Devil to you and me). Can the scientists thwart the Sinister Man, or will the bungling incompetents that make up his bizarre cult oust them before Satan really gets pissed off?

Scripted by noted British comedy writer Barry Cryer, the film was meant to be a campy comedy, as we see it cheerfully ripping off scenes from "Carrie", "The Entity", "The Shining" and many other horror films of the day, but falls just short of humour mark as many of the gags don't really work. The film isn't a total loss, but it's not in the same league as those "Airplane" or "Naked Gun" movies, though its still miles better than those god-awful "Scary Movie" (or "Epic Movie", "Super Hero Movie" etc..) films from more recent years.

TV funny man, the late Kenny Everett, is his usually wacky self, as is Pamela Stephenson, and in case you were wondering, yes Kenny Everett's TV sidekick Cleo Roco DOES appear in this too. But it's Vincent Price who steals all the best lines of dialogue, as he launches into long winded tirades at the slightest provocation, using sentences like "to think that I, the right had of Beelzebub himself, should be subjected to the opinions of Churl's and Hobbledehoys".

Overall Marks : 5/10.

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