Alternate titles : BW2

Tagline : "The Terror Continues..."

Book of Shadows : Blair Witch 2Taking a totally different approach from the original movie, the film opens up with a montage of news bulletins reporting on the phenomenal box office success of the original Blair Witch Project film, and shows fans descending on the real life(?) town of Burkettsville in Maryland, wanting to see where the film was shot and find out if there is actually a real life witch.

The majority of townsfolk interviewed seem annoyed at the invasion of all these unwanted tourists in their quiet town. None more so than the local sheriff who we see shouting at the tourists descending on the woods to "Go back home, there no god-damn Blair Witch".

However, one person who is more than happy to welcome the influx of visitors is Jeff Patterson (played by a pre-Burn Notice Jeffrey Donovan), proprietor of the "Blair Witch" tourist shop. For him, things couldn't be better. So much so that he has even started a "Blair Witch-Hunt" forest walk, taking happy campers into the woods to see the films shooting locations.

But his inaugural trip into the woods does not exactly go to plan, as he and his clients wake up after the first night to find the camp has been trashed, and they all seemed to have suffered a 5 hour blackout where they can't account for anything (now THAT must have been a party!). To make matters worse, they later find out that a rival tour group have been found brutally murdered up at coffin rock, and the local sheriff is convinced that Jeff's group is somehow responsible.

It is only after Jeff starts reviewing the footage he captured on his camera equipment that the shocking events of that night are uncovered. Even more disturbing is the fact that it seems the Blair Witch legend was not just a movie, and as they all start to experience strange visions and flashbacks, it becomes apparent that they have brought something more than just camera footage back from the Black Hills area of the forest.

Perhaps not a sequel in the true sense, which instead of following up on the original plot refers to it as a work of fiction, and follows a group of fans investigating how much of it was based on fact. It is however certainly more interesting and better paced. If you enjoyed the original (or even if you didn't that much), you should enjoy this.

Overall Marks : 5/10.

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