Alternate titles : Blade 2 : Bloodhunt

Tagline : "Last time he fought against his sworn enemies...This time he will fight with them."

Blade 2Blade (Wesley Snipes) is back! Picking up, sort-of, where the last film left off, we see our favourite Vampire hunter and his new sidekick, Scud (Norman Reedus), hunting down vampires in the former Soviet Union.

However it turns out that there is an even greater enemy afoot. A new race of bloodsuckers, known as Reapers, have emerged and are preying on the vampires. Realising that this new breed of super-vampire is ultimately a bigger threat to humanity, Blade finds himself reluctantly accepting a truce from the vampire council and fighting alongside a specialist elite group of vampire soldiers, known as the Bloodpack, to eradicate the Reaper menace.

All the ingredients that made the first film a blast are here, as more high power martial arts, sword duelling and high-tech gun battles quickly ensue as Blade and the Bloodpack attempt to wipe out the Reapers and destroy the leader, Jared Novak (played surprisingly by former 80's boy band member Luke [Bros] Goss), in a series of running battles.

Character actor Ron Pearlman turns up in the role of the Bloodpack leader and British comedy actor Danny John-Jules appears as one his henchmen. A strange mix of cast, which also includes a young Norman Reedus in a pre-Walking Dead role, but one that works surprisingly well .

Fans of the original will not be disappointed with this follow-up and will be undoubtedly pleased with the return of Blade's old partner Whistler (Kris Kristopherson) who makes a comeback by way of a few plot twists, as his character proved to be way too popular.

Overall Marks : 7/10.

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