Alternate titles : Blacula Lives Again!, Blacula 2.

Tagline : "The Black Prince of Shadows Stalks the Earth Again!"

Scream Blacula ScreamBlacula had proved a big success at the 70's box office, so a sequel was hastily commissioned by the studios, with original writers Raymond Koenig and Joan Torres returning to pen the script and Director Bob Kelijan this time at the helm.

This time, Blacula (played by William Marshall again) is resurrected by a voodoo priest named Willis, who is looking for revenge on his former cult members, after losing a power struggle for control of the group.

Once awakened, Blacula turns Willis into his vampire slave, which causes much annoyance when he realises he can no longer see his own reflection ("Man, I can dig being a vampire, but having no reflection just aint hip"), then duly goes out looking for fresh prey.

Though Willis is still bent on getting his own back on his former cult members. Blacula has other ideas and takes an interest in their new leader, a girl named Lisa (Pam Grier) who he thinks may be able to help lift the vampire curse from him.

With the bodies piling up, the local Sheriff (Michael Conrad) seems to think Lisa's Voodoo cult may be behind the recent slew of killings. But her boyfriend Justin (Don Mitchell), who's also a former police officer, believes something more sinister is afoot. But again, how do you convince the police you're dealing with a vampire?

Overall this is an enjoyable second outing for the black prince of darkness. As before, the film is played as a straight horror pic although, like its predecessor, it does have its share of intentional(?) humour. If you enjoyed the first film, you should enjoy this.

Overall Marks : 6/10.

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