Alternate titles : Black Zombies, Demons 3.

Tagline : "They will tear, rip, and bite anyone in their path of vengeance."

Black DemonsThis low budget zombie film from the infamous Umberto Lenzi takes place in Brazil, where 3 American tourists, Kevin (Keith Van Hoven), girlfriend Jessica (Sonia Curtis) and friend Dick (Joe Balogh) are busy sightseeing, when their jeep breaks down in the middle of the countryside.

They manage to find help at a nearby farmhouse, where the young owner agrees to put them up for the night, until they can get their car fixed. But it seems the farmhouse is located on an old plantation, complete with it's own graveyard for the former slave workers there. Which Dick discovers, and decides would be the ideal place to play his tape recordings of voodoo rituals in (never a wise move in a horror film).

Predictably, the next thing that happens is the bodies of the former plantation slaves rise from their graves and go on the rampage. Except, by “rampage” I mean killing one person, before heading off again. As the 3 friends subsequently find themselves stranded at the house for several nights, due to a series of plot contrivances. Yet show little concern as more people start to go missing, and fail to realise there are zombies on the prowl, despite the noises their rattling chains make, or the screams made by their victims.

Things come to a head when Dick goes mad and tries to attack them and the zombies finally decide to come out of hiding and kill off the remaining survivors, leading to a rather dull final battle, as Kevin and Jessica realise the zombies can be killed by fire and start chucking petrol bombs at them.

A very slow and dreary film, the zombies are more "Hammer" zombie than "Romero" zombie, so don't actually eat their victims, but rather hack them to death with various farm implements. However, they seem remarkably intact for people that have supposedly been dead for over 100 years. Whilst there are a few decent gore scenes, the film is let down by its low budget and bad acting. This was apparently a very rushed production, and was made at a time when the Italian film industry was in decline, which unfortunately shows.

The film isn't a total loss, but is really one for die hard zombie film fans only, or the morbidly curious.

Overall Marks : 4/10.

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