Alternate titles : Attack of the Aliens

Tagline : "Inner City Vs Outer Space"

Attack the BlockYoung nurse Sam (Jodie Whittaker) is walking back to her flat in South London, when she is mugged by a group of youths, lead by an unsavoury chap named Moses (played by a pre-"Star Wars" John Boyega) . But just as she is handing over her purse, they are interrupted by a meteorite which crashes down nearby, containing a strange dog-like alien. Sam seizes her chance and runs, whilst the group of youths end up battling the strange creature.

Having dealt with the small vicious creature, they spot a further shower of meteorites landing around the estate. Suspecting an alien invasion of some sort, they quickly tool up and set out to protect their turf from them. Only to discover these aliens are a lot bigger, nastier and vicious then the previous one they encountered, and the group quickly find themselves out of their depth.

Heading back to their tower block, the group actually end up taking refuge in Sam's flat, much to her chagrin. But when the creatures finally manage to break into the building, it seems her former attackers might be the only ones who can now save her. As they are forced to fight a series of running battles as they fend off the creatures whilst trying to escape the building.

Funny, gory and action packed, the film is bloody good fun. It's probably best described as "Shaun of the Dead with aliens" and even stars Nick Frost from that film in a similar role. Though I will admit, that when I first saw this at the cinema I wasn't initially that impressed. However, when I saw it again on DVD I found that I really enjoyed it, as it does seem to play better on home video for some strange reason.

But anyway, if you enjoyed "Shaun of the Dead", you should enjoy this. Also worth watching just to see John Boyega in an early sci-fi role.

Overall Marks : 6.5/10.

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