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Tagline : "Eats turtles for breakfast!"

Alligator 2 : The MutationSome 11 years after the original "Alligator", someone decided to make this extremely pointless and disappointingly poor sequel with virtually nothing in common with its predecessor, apart from them both featuring a big alligator.

This time we see the films titular giant reptile on the loose in the lake of some American city of indeterminate origin, which has grown to such enormous proportions after some chemical company started dumping toxic sludge down the drains.

Detective Hodges (Joseph Bologna) is the cop who's been investigating the recent spate of disappearances in the area, only to discover what the real cause is. But unfortunately the plot doesn't really go much beyond that. Most of the film seems to be centred around some ruthless property developer (played by Steven Railsback) trying to buy up all the homes in the area, and not much else.

Things pick up a bit near the end, when the property developer and the mayor are throwing a party by the lake, only to get it gate crashed by the giant alligator (finally making an appearance) which goes onto run amok and start chomping on the partygoers.

But overall, this a VERY poor sequel, with too much time wasted on the shenanigans of the property developer and not enough time spent showing the alligator killing people, which really only turns up in the last 25 mins or so. Perhaps the only notable thing about this, is its cast of B-movie veterans, which includes screen baddie Richard Lynch and horror veteran Kane Hodder as part of a group of alligator hunters, and Dee Wallace Stone, who puts in a brief appearance as Hodges wife Christine.

To summarise, I would give this film a miss and stick with the original.

Overall Marks : 3/10.

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