Wrong Turn 4 : Bloody Beginnings title

Tag line : These hillbillies are going crazy.

Wrong Turn 4 : Bloody BeginningsOK, I've never been a serious fan of the Wrong Turn films, but have found them sufficiently entertaining as far as these backwoods horror flicks go. I'd actually quite enjoyed part 3, so was eagerly looking forward to part 4. Sadly though, I was left feeling distinctly under whelmed.

Set sometime prior to the events of the other films, a group of teenagers are out enjoying the winter weather on snowmobiles, when they get caught in a blizzard and soon find themselves lost. With night setting in and the temperature dropping, one of them spots a large disused building in the distance. So with little choice, the group decide to take shelter there.

The building turns out to be the former Glennsville asylum, which has been closed since the mid 70s. Following a mass break out, in which the patients, lead by a group of mutant hillbilly retards, got loose and massacred most of the staff. But it seems the old building is not so empty and abandoned as they first thought.

As the group settles down in one of the empty wards, they find their friends going missing with alarming regularity. Yes, our favourite inbred mutant cannibals have taken up residence there and have our intrepid snowmobiling teens lined up as their next meal. Unless the group can find a way of fighting back and turning the tables.

Attempting to fill in some of the backstory of how the 3 mutants from the first film got started, this is really nothing more than a slight variation on the old "teens in peril in a creepy old building" story which, with a few tweaks of the plot, could have easily been any generic horror film. There's the usual slew of gory killings, which have lost most of their impact now as you know what you're in for, plus there were these scenes with a lesbian couple who seemed to have been put there for no other reason than to put on a constant T&A show, which got kinda stale after a while.

Overall it was watchable, but is easily the weakest in the series and perhaps one for die-hard fans only.

Overall Marks : 3.5/10.

Terrifying Trivia.

  • The old asylum used in the film was the former Brandon Mental Health Centre in Winnipeg.

  • The film sold over 45,928 copies in its first week of release in the US.

  • As with the previous films, this is supposedly set in Virginia, but filmed elsewhere. In this case, in Winnipeg, Canada.

  • Director Declan O'Brien also directed the previous film "Wrong Turn 3 : Left for Dead".

  • Three-Finger and One-Eye were played by brothers Sean and Daniel Skeene respectively. Their father, Rick Skeene, was the films stunt co-ordinator.

  • The song the group dance too whilst they're goofing around in the old hospital was "Here he comes again" by the Cheetah Whores. The director used them as as his niece is in the group!

  • All the furniture and medical equipment used in the film were all items found in the hospital. Virtually no outside props had to be brought in.

  • The doctor in the old black and white film that they watch in the old auditorium, was played by director Declan O'Brien.

  • The German censors cut 5 minutes from the film before they would pass it

  • Jennifer Pudavick, who plays Kenia, also starred in "Wishmaster 3" & "4".

  • The pictures in the patient files lying around the office were actually the director and crew in make up.

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