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Tag line : How can you be found, when no-one knows you're missing?

Wolf CreekSet in Western Australia, a group of backpackers buy a cheap car and decide to go on a touring holiday round some of the remoter regions of the country. Their first stop is the site of a giant meteor crater at Wolf Creek national park.

Having spent the day hiking round the scrub, they return to their car only to find it now refuses to start. Marooned in the middle of nowhere with darkness setting in, they are forced to bed down for the night, in the hopes someone will come along in the morning.

As luck would have it, a local trapper on his way home from hunting happens to come across them and offers to tow them back to his workshop, where he claims he can fix their car. Somewhat suspicious of this cranky local, they are forced to accept his help as the only alternative is the thin hope of bumping into someone else.

Of course, his kind offer of help turns out to be nothing of the sort, as their erstwhile rescuer turns out to be a complete psychopath and the group find themselves in a deadly cat and mouse game with the psychotic hunter and his arsenal of high power rifles and razor sharp hunting knives.

Loosely based on a true story, Wolf Creek plays pretty much like an Australian Texas Chainsaw Massacre and is surprisingly brutal for a film of this nature. There are some neat plot twists and the films constant shift in direction as to who the lead character is, continually throws you as to who the next victim will be. My only gripe is that it spent far too long setting up it's central premise, which took up a whopping 50mins of the films 90min running time, with only the last half hour or so containing any action. But apart from that, the film is sufficiently entertaining.

Just remember though, if you visit Australia DON'T go making any Crocodile Dundee jokes to the locals!

Overall Marks : 6/10.

Terrifying Trivia.

  • Alternate tag lines "The Thrill Is In The Hunt.", "Based on true events.", "30,000 people are reported missing in Australia every year. Some are never seen again."

  • Wolf Creek meteor crater, is an actual location in Western Australia. However it's actually spelt "Wolfe Creek".

  • The films budget was $1,000,000.

  • The film claims to be based on a true story, but was loosely inspired by the exploits of serial killer Ivan Millat, who was convicted in 1995 of murdering 7 backpackers between 1989-1995 and thought to be responsible for the disappearance of 6 others between 1978-1980. It was also partly inspired by the more recent case of Bradley Murdoch who murdered British backpacker Peter Falconio in 2001.

  • Though set in Western Australia, most of it was filmed just outside the town of Adelaide in South Australia.

  • The Australian Director of Public Prosecutions for the Northern Territory asked the film distributors to put back the films Australian release date until after the trial of Bradley Murdoch, the person accused of murdering British backpacker Peter Falconio, which was due to commence on 17 October 2005.

  • The UK release was uncut and passed with an 18 certificate. The US theatrical version however was trimmed by the US ratings boards in order to get an R-rating. The uncut version was later released in the US on DVD.

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