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Tag line : The Food Chain just grew Another Link.

Tremors 3 : Back to PerfectionThere's trouble for the resident's of Perfection, Nevada and it's not just from greedy property developers, as the Graboids have returned to reek more mayhem and carnage on the town.

This spells bad news for the proprietor of the local Graboid Hunt tour, Jack Sawyer (Shawn Christian), as his tours were actually an elaborate hoax and with these creatures gobbling up his clientele, business is taking rather a sharp nosedive.

Fortunately, gun toting survivalist Burt Gummer (Michael Gross) is back in the neighbourhood to help stamp them out. But when a meddling Government department delays his hunting activities, we discover the creatures have yet another evolutionary cycle, and this time hiding on your roof in no longer a safe means of escape.

Most of the original cast from the first film returned for this third outing, including Charlotte Stewart and Ariana Richards, who played Nancy and Mindy Sterngood, along with a young Robert Jayne who played teenage prankster Melvin, who's now a ruthless property developer.

Again, good to see Michael Gross's character up to his old tricks and one that fans of the series will enjoy, though this did kind-of have the feel of a TV movie.

Overall Marks : 5/10.

Terrifying Trivia.

  • Alternate tag line "THAT's why we're at the top of the food chain", "They're Baaack!!!!", "And you thought they were deadly before...".

  • The film was also used as a TV pilot for the spin off "Tremors" TV series. Sadly, the series only lasted 1 season due to poor ratings.

  • The "Graboid" comics seen in Jodi's store were not genuine comics, despite the "Dark Horse Comics" logo on the front. They were specially designed by artist Chris Quillams for use in the film, and the film makers say that no "Tremors" related comics have ever been produced to date.

  • The new "Ass-Blaster" Graboids were loosely based on the Bombadier Beetle, which can blast would be attackers with a chemical secretion.

  • Susan Chuang, who plays store owner Jodi Chang, went on to star in the cop show "Cold Case".

  • John Pappas, who plays federal agent Charlie Ruck, also played one of the road construction workers in the original Tremors.

  • The mother and son on Jack Sawyer's "Graboid Tour" at the start if the film were respectively played by Michael Gross's sister Mary, and Director SS Wilson's son Mathew.

  • The large gun Burt grabs out of his rifle cabinet to investigate the Graboid outside his home was the same 50 calibre model L.A.R. Grizzley target gun seen in Tremors 2.

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