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AKA: Bundy

Tag line : Thirty Five victims, Ten states, One killer.

Ted BundyOne of the better serial killer docu-drama's to have come out, was this tale of American killer Ted Bundy, who preyed on women across 10 different states during the 1970's.

Starting off in Seattle in 1974, the film shows us how Bundy (as played by Michael Rielly Burke) selected his earlier victims, mostly students from the local university, before going on to abduct murder and mutilate dozens more across 9 other states whilst he was away studying at law school.

Though skipping over certain details, for example the names of the people he kills in the film were not actually the names of the victims in real life, the film certainly pulls no punches in showing the brutality of his crimes, which lead to his eventual conviction and execution in the late 80's.

Written and directed by Mathew Bright, the film remains largely faithful to the original case, detailing many of his killings and certainly captures many of the disturbing elements that made his crimes so shocking and even goes as far as to feature genuine news footage from the actual trial.

Look out for horror veteran Tom Savini who has a guest role as one of the detectives.

Overall marks : 6/10.

Terrifying Trivia.

  • Alternate tag lines "Not every serial killer fits the profile", "Based on the true story of America's most infamous serial sex killer".

  • Director Mathew Bright also directed the gothic horror film "Dark Angel : The Ascent" and the bizarre comedy "Freeway". During the 70's he was one of the original members of Danny Elfman's band "Oingo Boingo".

  • The films budget was $1,200,000.

  • Apparently Keifer Sutherland, Peter Saarsgard and Rob Lowe were originally offered the role, but all declined due to the nature of the character.

  • The names of the victims in the film are fictional and not the names of the real victims.

  • Boti Ann Bliss, who plays Bundy's girlfriend Lee, also played Robin in "Warlock 3". She went on to have a reoccurring role in the US cop show "CSI : Miami" playing Maxine Valera.

  • A bit of artistic license was used during the execution scene. In the film, the person seen throwing the switch was one of the uniformed prison guards, however in reality the "executioner" would have been a private individual specially hired for the job and would most certainly not have been visible to the condemned in the chamber. Also, the electric current would have been administered at least three different times, not just once.

  • The special effects were by horror specialists KNB effects group, and Tom Savini who also had a role in the film as a detective.

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