AKA Ultimo Mondo Cannibal, Cannibal, Carniverous, Jungle Holocaust, The Last Survivor, De Laastse Kanninbalen

Last Cannibal WorldPrior to making the infamous "Cannibal Holocaust", Italian director Ruggerro Deodato made his debut in cannibal country with this lesser known entry into the flesh eating sub-genre, which borrows cast members Ivan Rassimov and Me Me Lai from Umberto Lenzi's earlier cannibal film "Deep River Savages".

Set in the Philippines (for a change) a group of oil company representatives are flying out into the middle of the jungle to visit a potential site they believe to be rich in untapped oil resources. Unfortunately, when they touch down at the camp, company Boss Robert Harper (Massimo Foschi), is alarmed to find no trace of his workers, and only the remains of the tents and equipment they had set up. His anthropologist friend Rolf (Ivan Rassimov) is similarly alarmed by the fact that the camp appears to have been attacked by primitive natives.

With it being close to nightfall, they're forced to wait until morning before attempting to take off again. But their hopes of leaving at first light are subsequently dashed when the female crew member leaves the plane to answer the call of nature and doesn't come back. A subsequent search of the area proves disastrous as after finding her being hacked up and turned into bar-b-que, the co-pilot then gets killed by a spike ball trap, and Rolf and Robert get lost and separated.

Poor old Robert then finds himself being captured by the natives, who drag him back to their cave where they strip him naked and subject him to various indignities, before caging him up for use as future alligator bait. Not overly keen with this depressing prospect, he manages to escape with the help of a sympathetic native girl (played by Me Me Lai) where he then begins the arduous task of trying to find his way back to the aeroplane.

Fans of Deadato's later film "Cannibal Holocaust" will undoubtedly be interested in seeking out this film, although whilst it is an entertaining watch it doesn't have the same style or grace. One scene that had me in hysterics, and perhaps seemed a little out of place compared to the other scenes, was a highly amusing incident where some of the native kids "pee" down on Foschi's character from above his cage. Although be warned, as like almost every other cannibal film there's the usual depressing bouts of animal cruelty, which range from an anaconda swallowing an iguana to a live alligator being gutted and it's dead prey being extracted from it's stomach.

Overall Marks : 2/10 (would have given this a higher mark, but for the animal cruelty)

Terrifying Trivia.

  • The film was apparently intended as a sort-of follow up to Umberto Lenzi's "Deep River Savages" (aka Man from Deep River). Lenzi had originally been approached to direct, but declined. So the job was offered to Ruggero Deodato, who then went on to direct "Cannibal Holocaust".

  • Ivan Rassimov and Me Me Lai have acted together on two other Cannibal films. The first being the aforementioned "Deep River Savages", and the other being "Eaten Alive". Both by rival genre director Umberto Lenzi.

  • Fellow Italian director Lamberto Bava worked on the film as a continuity editor.

  • The film was released to UK cinema's back in the late 70's in a heavily cut form under the titles "Cannibal" and "Last Cannibal World". This heavily cut version was also released on UK video in the early 80's, prior to the introduction of the video recordings act, under the title "Cannibal". Surprisingly, the old UK video escaped the attention of the authorities during the "Video Nasties" furore of the early 80s.

  • In an interview on the US DVD, Ruggero Deodato claims that he did not film the scenes featuring animal cruelty and that these were shot by the producer, as he disagreed with them. However, this goes against his comments made in earlier interviews, where he said that he was just filming the natives killing animals because they were going to eat them anyway.

  • The UK DVD release in 2003 entitled "Last Cannibal World" was passed with only 2 scenes cut. The part where the crocodile is gutted, and were Masimo Foshci's character rapes me Me Lai.

  • The Swedish version, entitled "Last Cannibal World" was cut by about 10 minutes and the US drive in movie release under the title "Carnivorous", was similarly cut. The Dutch print on the Empire label entitled "De Laastse Kanninbalen" (The Last Cannibals) was uncut. An uncut US DVD under the title Jungle Holocaust is also available.

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