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Tag Line : If you're going to bury the truth, make sure it stays buried.

I Know what you did Last SummerOne of the first slasher pics to emerge in the wake of Scream's popularity was this big-budget adaptation of Louis Duncan's novel about a maniacal fisherman, who enjoys disembowelling young teens with a large fish hook.

Adapted by Kevin Williamson, who also scripted Scream, the film revolves around a group of 5 teenagers who accidentally run over a drunken fisherman on the way home from the School prom. In a panic, they decide to dispose of the evidence and dump the dead body in the harbour. Only to suddenly realise he isn't quite dead yet, and they'd just drowned the poor bastard.

One year later and the five teens, among them the delightful Jennifer Love Hewitt and Sarah "Buffy" Michelle Geller, find themselves receiving cryptic letters saying "I Know what you did Last Summer" and being stalked by a rather unfriendly fisherman with a rather large metal hook.

Death and violence follow, as dead bodies turn up in Miss Hewitt's car boot, then disappear again. Sarah Michelle Geller wakes up to find somebody has shaven off her lovely golden locks and more of their teenage friends turn up as fish bait, as they're hooked and gutted in loving detail.

Has the dead fisherman returned to seek his revenge, or is it someone trying to avenge his death? You'll just have to watch it and find out. I must admit that I quite enjoyed this film, and if you liked Scream you'll definitely get a kick out of it. However, if you're one of the many who detest trendy horror pics you might want to give this one a miss.

Overall Marks : 7/10

Terrifying Trivia.

  • Alternate tag lines, "Someone knows their secret, someone knows they're scared, and someone knows what they did last summer.", and "Someone's got a hook to wield".

  • The film's budget was $17million.

  • Anne Heche, who plays the role of "Missy", also played the part of Marion Crane in the 1998 remake of Psycho.

  • Sarah Michelle Geller is already known to horror fans for her role in the TV series "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". Following this film, she also went on to star in Scream 2 where, ironically, she met a similar ill fated demise by another hooded maniac.

  • Director Jim Gillespe also directed the Sylvester Stallone thriller "Detox"

  • The film originally had a different ending, where Julie James is chatting with Ray online, she gets the pool party invitation, and then another person starts a chat with her typing in "I still know." Then the killer jumps out on her. This ending was used as a teaser trailer for the sequel.

  • There is an excellent Soundtrack to this album, featuring the main song "Hush" by Kula Shaker, along with other hard rock artists such as Type O Negative, The Offspring and L7 and is available from Amazon (see right).

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