Guinea Pig - Devil Doctor WomanOne of the more amusing entries in the series, Devil Doctor Woman follows the exploits of a mysterious transsexual doctor who treats people with bizarre medical conditions. However, it seems she's more interested in exploiting their symptoms for her own amusement (and ours) than actually curing them.

Some of her more unfortunate patients we are treated to seeing are a family suffering from "exploding head" disease, in which their heads explode into a fountain of blood whenever they're upset, a poor guy who's left hand keeps violently attacking him and a person affected by "zombie rot syndrome" in which the unfortunate victim is slowly turned into the living dead.

The most bizarre highlight of the film though has to be where 4 of her patients compare their ailments to see who has the worst affliction, in a sketch that looks like it was "borrowed" from a Monty Python episode, who's complaints range from sticky feet, to a guy who's vomits aliens in eggshells and even a person who's crap can talk.

With the emphasis firmly on humour this is arguably the most bizarre and probably the most amusing in the series, though fans who are only interested in the gore may not like the comical aspect of this episode.

Overall marks : 4/10.

Terrifying Trivia.

  • This final entry into the Guinea Pig series (not including the "making-of" film or the "greatest cuts" clip compilation) was made to deliberately cash in on the adverse publicity surrounding the series during the late 80's in Japan. After some film addict tortured and killed a series of young girls. This was the main reason the film makers went for for a comical approach in this last entry, in order to lighten the mood surrounding these films.

  • The film has been released as "Part 4" in some territories, whereas it was in actuality the Sixth, being released in 1990 alongside a "making-of" special (this can be found on the US DVD).

  • Several cast members also appeared in previous "Guinea Pig" films. Eve and Masahiro Sato had both previously appeared in "He Never Dies", whilst Masami Hisamoto had a co-starring role in "Mermaid in a Manhole".

  • Peter, who plays the films titular character, also appeared with Part 4's Toshihiko Hino in "Fruits of Passion" (Story of O pt2).

  • The scene where the 4 patients are sat comparing their illnesses trying to see who's is the most gross/bizarre, appears to have been inspired by a sketch from the classic British comedy "Monty Python's Flying Circus" where 4 self-made millionaires are sat comparing their childhoods to see had the poorer upbringing.

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