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Tag Line : They don't call it the curse for nothing.

Ginger SnapsNot your typical werewolf film, Ginger Snaps stars newcomers Katherine Isabelle and Emily Perkins as a couple of teenage "Goth" sisters named Ginger and Brigitte Fitzgerald. Fascinated by death, the macabre and all things dark, they are regarded as somewhat bizarre and geeky by the rest of their school and constantly picked on by the school bitch Trina Sinclair (Danielle Hampton).

But both girls lives are radically changed one fateful evening when Ginger is attacked by a strange wolf-like creature in the nearby woods. After Brigitte manages to get her back home, she is alarmed to discover that Ginger's wounds have already virtually healed.

Soonafter, people at the school begin to notice a change in Ginger. She develops an attitude, starts hanging out with the school dope heads, and then proceeds to beat the crap out of their arch enemy Trina. Her parents and the school nurse put it down to hormones, but after Brigitte finds that Ginger is also growing hair in all the wrong places and started to sprout a tail at the base of her spine she realises that adolescence has nothing to do with her older sisters recent behaviour.

Fortunately though, help is at hand. The school dope dealer Sam (Kris Lemche), who just happened to run over the offending creature with his truck, realises what's going on and thinks he has a solution. Using his expert knowledge on botanical plants (particularly the herbaceous variety if you take my meaning) he comes up with what might be a herbal remedy to Ginger's infection. However, will it work and can he and Brigitte get it to Ginger before she spreads the infection to anybody else?

Witty, darkly humoured, suspenseful and tragic. This is definitely one of the better werewolf films to have emerged in quite some time. It was just unfortunate that it went virtually direct-to-video in the US, and so didn't receive much hype when released to UK cinemas (in fact it was released in the UK before the US even got it) despite favourable reviews, as this was one of a small number of movies that came out in the wake of the Columbine High School shootings in the US, and so got a lot of unfair bad publicity ("Idle Hands" being another victim).

Anyway, don't listen to the nay sayer's, see this for yourself.

Overall Marks : 6/10.

Terrifying Trivia.

  • Alternate tag lines "Hungry like the Wolf", "Ginger Snaps....AND Bites".

  • The person doing the voiceover for the schools PA system was Lucy Lawless, who played the title role in "Xena the Warrior Princess"

  • The films budget was $5million.

  • The student names being paged over the schools PA were Sam and Ted Raimi. For those dummies who didn't know, Sam Raimi is the name of the director of Evil Dead and executive producer of the Xena and Hercules TV series. Ted Raimi (his younger brother) is one of the co-stars of those shows.

  • Katherine Isabelle also played Lindsay in "Disturbing Behaviour".

  • Brigette's (Emily Perkin's) hair was actually a wig.

  • The role of Ginger was originally offered to Sarah Polley, then Natasha Lyonne but they both turned it down.

  • Emily Perkins also played the young the young Beverly Marsh in Steven King's "IT"!

  • NOTE, although the UK DVD boasts some fine extra's (unlike the bare bones US disc), the best version of this to go for is the Canadian Collectors edition disc as this contains several deleted scenes, as well as directors commentary.
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