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Tag Line : Like Father...Like Son.

The Fly 2 Just as the original 1958 version of The Fly had spawned a sequel or two, so did the 1986 version. Picking up soon after the original movie, we see news reporter Veronica (played this time by Saffron Henderson) giving birth to a large sticky bug cocoon (remember, she was pregnant with Seth Brundle's child at the end of part 1), but unfortunately she dies during the birth procedure.

After the birth, the cocoon splits open and an apparently normal child emerges from within. But as the film goes on, we see that looks can be deceptive. The boy, who they name Martin, is adopted by Brundle's old company Bartok Inc. Martin grows at an exponential rate, becomes super intelligent, and is fully grown by the age of 5.

Despite the fact that the company's owner Mr Bartok (Lee Richardson) gives Martin (Eric Stoltz) everything he could want, he is really being exploited and they have him under constant surveillance, waiting for his dormant chromosomes to become active and turn him into another human/fly hybrid.

Meanwhile, the company have also acquired his fathers teleportation pods, but are having some difficulty getting them to work and so they put Martin in charge of the project, hoping he can shed some new light on the subject. He succeeds in getting them to teleport properly, but soon after the mutant DNA he acquired from his father starts to kick in and a hideous transformation begins to take place.

Escaping with the help of his new girlfriend Beth (Daphne Zuniga), he goes on the run from his company whilst he tries to find a possible cure. But eventually though, he is re-captured and brought back to the company lab to allow the mutations to run there full course. But this turns out to be not such a good idea as he emerges from his cocoon fully transformed and goes on the rampage, wiping out the company scientists and senior staff.

The only original cast member to return was John Getz who played Veronica's boyfriend/boss Stathis Borans. Jeff Goldblum makes a brief appearance in an archived video tape and, as mentioned earlier, Veronica is played this time by actress Saffron Henderson. As far as sequels go this is quite a respectable follow up, although lacks the novelty that made the first film so fun. If you enjoyed Cronenberg's remake you should undoubtedly enjoy this equally gruesome yarn.

Overall Marks : 6/10

Terrifying Trivia.

  • Alternate tag lines "Be afraid...Be very, very afraid", "A new generation of terror".

  • The film marked the directorial debut of Chris Walas, who has also worked on the films "Piranha", "Gremlins", "Enemy Mine" and "Arachnophobia".

  • Eric Stoltz originally declined the role, but accepted after they rewrote the script. His other genre credits include "Anaconda" and "The Prophecy".

  • Daphne Zunniga, who is probably best known for her role in the TV show "Melrose Place", had previously starred in the sci-fi spoof "Spaceballs" playing Princes Vespa. Her first acting role was in the old video nasty title "Pranks" (aka The Dorm that Dripped Blood).

  • Geena Davis was asked to reprise her original role. However, she declined as she didn't see the point of returning when her character was being killed off during the intro.

  • The book next to the sleeping technician in the control room at the beginning of the film is "The Shape of Rage", an anthology of writings about the films of David Cronenberg.

  • The music was scored by Christopher Young, who also scored "Hellraiser". Coincidentally he also scored the film "Pranks" which also featured Daphne Zunniga.

  • A third film was proposed entitled "Flies". This was not to have been another follow up, but rather an alternate sequel to the first, in which Veronica doesn't die giving birth, but instead delivers twin boys. Geena Davis had apparently even agreed to reprise her original role, but unfortunately the film was never produced.

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