Final Destination title

Tag line : No accidents, no co-incidences, no can't cheat death!

Final DestinationA group of college kids, heading out on a school trip to France, are boarding their plane when one them, Alex Browning (Devon Sawa), becomes hysterical and starts screaming to be let back off as he's seen a vision of the plane blowing up after take off.

Having been ejected from the flight, along with some of his college chums, they are shocked when they see the aircraft they were supposed to be on duly blowing up after leaving the runway. Thinking they've had a lucky escape, the kids have barely had time to come to terms with the loss of their friends, when the survivors themselves start dieing in mysterious circumstances.

At first, Alex and the others think its just a series of bizarre co-incidences, but then when they notice the other survivors are dieing in the same order they would have done had they been on the plane, they begin to wonder if something more sinister is at work.

Whilst Alex's girlfriend Clear (Ali Larter) refuses to believe that death has a design for them, as their friends start to die in ever more bizarre and elaborate ways, it soon becomes obvious that you can't cheat death and there are no second chances.

Also starring horror veteran Tony Todd as the creepy undertaker at the local funeral home, this is a really fun film, with some highly imaginative killings. The scene showing American Pie actor Sean William Scott getting decapitated was worth watching alone.

Best line: The undertaker, played by Tony Todd, says to Alex and Clear "I'll see you soon".

Overall Marks : 7/10.

Terrifying Trivia.

  • Alternate tag lines "Most people have dreams. For Alex, this is real", Face Your Deepest Fears... Before They Face You", "Death Doesn't Take No For An Answer", "Can You Cheat Death?", "Death is coming", "I'll see you soon", "Next stop, it's you...", "Are you ready to match wits with the Grim Reaper?".

  • Most of the plane crash footage shown on the news reports in the film was actual genuine news footage, taken from the crash of TWA airliner, Flight 800  which crashed on July 1996, just off Long Island, New York.

  • The films budget was $23,000,000.

  • The original title of the film was "Flight 180", but the studio insisted on changing it prior to release, despite protests from the film makers, as they were worried that cinema goers would mistake it for an airplane disaster movie.

  • The film's plot was originally intended as an episode for the TV series "The X Files", but this was rejected. There was actually line in the script where Clear says to Alex "I don't go for any of this X-files bullshit" which was a jokey reference to this fact, but unfortunately this got cut due to pacing reasons.

  • Clear's cabin, which Alex hides himself in, was the same cabin used in the film "Cabin Fever".

  • Horror veteran Tony Todd is best known for his role as the titular killer from the film "Candyman".

  • Most characters in the film are named after directors or stars from black and white horror films. Chaney (Lon Chaney); Waggner (director George Waggner); Browning ("Dracula" director Tod Browning); Larry Murnau, (after F.W. Murnau, director of Nosferatu); Schreck (Max Schreck - "Nosferatu"); Valerie Lewton (Val Lewton producer of several famous horror movies); Agent Wiene (Robert Wiene directed Cabinet of Dr. Caligari); and Billy Hitchcock, whose name pays homage to Alfred Hitchcock.

  • Though set in New York, the movie was actually filmed in Canada.

  • The song "Rocky Mountain High" by John Denver features predominantly throughout the film as Denver was himself killed in a plane crash back in 1997.

  • The original cut of the film had a completely different ending, in which Alex dies, then returns in spirit form to visit Clear, who has just had his baby. However this ending was disliked by test audiences as being too downbeat so was changed to the more upbeat comical ending seen in the theatrical version. Because of this change, 2 other scenes, an extended love scene on the beach and Clear taking a pregnancy test, were also cut, as the new ending did not require the sub plot about her being pregnant. The alternate ending and deleted scenes are included on the DVD as extras.

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