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Tag line : They're hungry, you're dinner!

FeastA group of bar flys at a remote truck-stop bar are busy getting tanked up for the evening, when a guy brandishing a shotgun bursts in, warning they are about to be attacked by a bunch of huge, sharp fanged, large clawed, ravenous creatures from another planet.

But despite considering himself the hero of the film and his life expectancy to be "pretty damn good" (watch the film and you'll see what I'm alluding to), he gets bumped off by these very creatures shortly afterwards and the gun toting locals at the bar seem to manage to shoot more of each other during the ensuing gunfire than they do of the creatures.

Anyway, these beings turn out to be fairly hard to kill and being surrounded, with no way out they find themselves facing a "Night of the Living Dead" style siege, as they have to board themselves in whilst they attempt to fend these things off.

Exceptionally gory, this is a hilarious horror-comedy with some superb gross out effects. Rock singer Henry Rollins stars as one of the gun toting locals trying to defend the bar and Clu Gulager (Return of the Living Dead) plays the gun-toting cowboy barman.

If you're a fan of the Evil Dead films or the likes of "Braindead" or "Bad Taste" you'll definitely want to check this one out.

Overall marks 6/10.

Terrifying Trivia.

  • The films budget was $3,200,000.

  • This was one of several films that the Weinstein brothers took with them when they left Dimension/Mirimax films in 2005.

  • Special effects technician Gary Tunncliffe played one of the alien creatures.

  • The name of the bar was originally going to be called "The Beer Trap" but the producers ran into copyright issues, so the name was changed to "The Bear Tavern".

  • Eric Dane, who plays 'Hero', didn't realise he was going to be needed again for shooting some flashback footage after his initial scenes were completed, as the producers never told him. He only found out after another actor mentioned it in passing and was actually going to be away at a friends wedding on the day of filming. However, in order to be in the scenes, he agreed to drive down from San Francisco to complete shooting after the wedding was over.

  • Mark Wahlberg was originally offered the role of the "Hero" character but he declined.

  • Director John Gulager is the son of horror actor Clu Gulager, of Return of the Living Dead fame, who appears in this as the cowboy barman.

  • This film was the focus of series 3 of the US reality show "Project Greenlight", hosted by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, which is a fly-on-the-wall series looking at the making of up and coming films. Damon and Affleck subsequently received producers credits owing to their involvement in the film.

  • The original script contained more action scenes, but these had to be dropped due to the budget.

  • The scene where 'Beer Guy' slips coming down the stairs after getting gunged by the aliens was not scripted, the actor slipped on the green goo he was covered in and fell. However the film makers thought this was hilarious and kept it in.

  • Dianne Goldner who plays the biker chick "Harley Mom" is actually the wife of the director John Gulager.

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